How to Videos to help Knit and Crochet Videos

"NOT ALL VIDEOS WILL BE POSTED HERE, ONLY THE POPULAR ONES. VIEW THE ENITRE COLLECTION ON YOUTUBE".  This easy to knit baby jacket has a cute border that looks like little stars. This video is a reference guide to knit the sweater. It is not done with exact stitch counts or rows. That info is in the pattern. A bootie, cap and mitten pattern is included in the pattern. The pattern is available here and also on   It is knitted on a 24" circular needle size with 6 with DK weight yarn.  

Spiral Hat from Plymouth Yarn

Simple free pattern designed by Plymouth Yarns. Plymouth Encore Colorspun works the best for color changes. To see how to finish the hat go to "how I finish the Spiral Hat Pattern" below. Knit back and forth on straight needles working with increases and decreases to form basic hat shape on a parallelogram. It starts with a provisional cast on and ends with the ketichner stitch. The free pattern is available through Plymouth Yarns &

How I finish the Spiral Hat

Several ladies ask how I finish this hat. I lightly touch on the beginning and the making of this hat in this video. View my original video above to see how I make the hat. If you would like a FREE copy of this pattern, you can go to or for your free download.

Basic Crochet Pot Holder

This is a quick reference guide on making a crochet Pot Holder. It is quite simple once you see how it's done. You can make them any size you want. Add more foundation chains to make them bigger or less chains to make it smaller. I find 34 chains makes a nice size. There is a pattern available on both and The pattern also has a Dish Cloth and a Double Sided Scrubby included.

4 Booties to Go

This is one style of baby booties at is easy to knit. Pictured in video for 4 styles of tops, but the bottom of all 4 are done the same way. You don't need stitch holders, just your needles. Shown is a close up demo of doing the "M1" (make 1) stitch. Plus a different way of finishing the bottom of the booties. A pattern is also available on as well as of the 4 booties shown in this video. The pattern is called "4 Booties to go"

Lacy Raglan Baby Jacket

This video shows the basic steps as a reference guide to knit the lacey raglan sweater. It is not in exact stitch counts or rows. That information is on the pattern. The pattern is available on and and my website It comes with a bootie, and bonnet patterns to match. It is knitted with DK Weight yarn. It knits best on 24" circular Needles size 6. Straight needles  may not be long enough. You can find it on and this website.

V-Neck Kids Raglan Sweater

This video is to help with the knitting of the sweater. It is designed as a reference how to, with tips and tricks as you knit your way through the sweater. It does not give stitch counts or sizes. The sweater will be available on as well as my website

This guide will be useful on other patterns too. The decrease options, pick up stitches and joining tips are universal.