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Viola Soffe, Owner

Viola's Emporium and Stitch Niche, Dunnellon, FLorida

I am happy to announce the opening of my new "On Line Store", please feel free to browse around. If you have any questions please feel free to contact me.

Sandy Pearson, Storm Lake, IA

 Sandy Pearson, Storm Lake, IA.

"I've  crocheted for years, but never could get the hang of knitting. After my  sister's second attempt to teach me, it finally clicked." 

Sue Lavac, Dunnellon, FL

Sue Lavac, Dunnellon, FL 

"I learned how to crochet several years ago. Now it's on to knitting" 

Carol Barody, Inverness, FL

My first Cardigan Sweater completed with Viola's Knowledgeable Expert Teaching! She is a joy to learn from. Can't wait to begin my next project. 

Valorie Levy , Dunnellon, FL

She made this sweater for a friend, but it was to small, so she sent it out of state and it fits this little guy,.

Sharon Doll, Tequesta, Fl

 Sharon Doll, Tequesta, FL
"I have been knitting for years, now I make things for me." 

Catherine Klinski, Dunnellon FL

 She crochet this baby blanket for your Grand Baby and ready to start her next project.  

Judy Lebio, Dunnellon, FL

We are happy to provide assistance in figuring out a pattern, completing a project or picking out yarn and supplies. From Lace Weight to Chunky Weight Yarn and from Crochet Hooks to Knitting Needles and Supplies

Aurora Mangano, Jupiter, FL

  "I just love knitting hats and scarves for my Grand Kids."  

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Freida Reynolds, Dunnellon,FL

 "At the age of 90 she was still learning new things. Her last project was this Hair Pin Lace Shawl. We will miss her smiling face."  

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